I sold $104,754 worth of videos and PDFs in 4 months

What’s my Twitter audience worth?

Someone asked me this question recently. Let’s see if we can get to a rough valuation.

On Christmas day of 2019, I released my first info product (a technical ebook). Earlier this week, I released my second product (a short video course). I announced both on Twitter (here and here), and I let word of mouth do the rest.

In the 4 months since, I sold $104,754 worth of videos and PDFs. 95% of that is directly attributable to my Twitter account: some customers were my followers, and some customers were referred to by my followers. (The other 5% came from a paid marketing campaign I started recently.)

The spike in the middle was from the release of my first ebook. The few sales before that were pre-orders for the same product. The most recent spike was the release of my new video course.

In addition to that, in my first 14 months on Twitter, my tweets were seen 35 million times, and received 1.7 million clicks of some sort (likes, retweets, link clicks, and things like that). Imagine how much you’d have to pay Google or Facebook to get that kind of attention!

Now, I don’t really know how to value something like this, but I can say that if someone were to offer me $500K to take away my Twitter account, I definitely wouldn’t take it. Why would I? If the offer was $1M, I’d consider it — but only because I know I can rebuild it. So I can probably say that my rough valuation is somewhere there in between.

The fascinating thing to me is that I started posting on Twitter only last year. Even though luck played a significant role in my results, I’m totally convinced that almost everyone can build a decent Twitter audience in a few months if you understand a few basic concepts and put in a couple of hours of effort per day. And there’s no better time to start building your audience than now.




Being independent. https://twitter.com/dvassallo.

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Daniel Vassallo

Daniel Vassallo

Being independent. https://twitter.com/dvassallo.

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